Feeling Child

The Feeling Child is the “primitive self,” fully aware of emotions and viewing life from a child’s…

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Feeling Child Ego State

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The Feeling Child is the “primitive self,” fully aware of emotions and viewing life from a child’s perspective. This part of the self is hyper-sensitive to others’ behaviors and easily upset, hurt, or angry. Running life from this perspective leaves one feeling like a victim, powerless. This ego state is the one the alcoholic anesthetizes or the rage-aholic uses to ward off fear. Feeling Child is the one the addict feels helpless to conquer. Many therapists have embraced this part as a source of healing. Indeed it does represent the right brain, where emotions are stored. The Feeling Child is communicated with through symbols, images, gestures and pictures instead of verses words and logic.

Slide The Adult Ego State The Adult represents
the logical self who
goes to work and
manages tasks to
completion. This is
the ego state in which
reasonable boundaries
and limits are set.
Slide Nurturing
Ego State The Nurturing Parent has its
origins in every culture as
the Earth-Mother. This is the
part of us that can nurture,
encourage and guide with
wisdom, the part of us we
want to interject into our being
as our perfect mother...
Slide Critical
Ego State This ego state has been
clearly presented in Gestalt
and Transactional Analysis.
This persona seeks to
be powerful in an attempt
to keep the child
ego states in line.
Slide Playful
Ego State The Playful Child is sponta-
neous and adventurous
taking risks and finding joy
in life. The Playful Child
smiles easily and has a
sense of personal power
and sensuality.
Slide Feeling
Ego State The Feeling Child is the
"primitive self," fully
aware of emotions and
viewing life from a
child's perspective. This
part of the self is hyper-
sensitive to
others' behaviors.
Slide Rebellious
Ego State The Rebellious Child is
without enough healthy
expressions of play. All
the power of the
Playful Child is channeled
into Rebellious, angry,
self-destructive behavior.

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